The problem with this is that the computer would normally display the data over HDMI. Schließend Sie den zweiten Monitor an Ihren Computer an. My laptop display was broken last night by accident. Möchten Sie Ihren Monitor per HDMI mit dem PC verbinden, achten Sie darauf, dass Sie auf dem PC den aktuellsten Treiber für Ihre Grafikkarte installiert haben. Fix no audio through HDMI in Ubuntu Solution 1: Change default sound setting. The supported kernel version range is from 4.15 to 5.5, minimum supported Xorg version is 1.16 and minimum supported Mutter (Wayland) is 3.32 . Reicht Ihnen der Arbeitsflächenumschalter unter Ubuntu nicht aus, können Sie 2 Monitore einrichten. However, there’s no sound output from HDMI device (TV in my case) by default. 1. Ubuntu erkennt Ihre Monitore automatisch. From LCD wiki. Bei der Benutzung am Fernseher sollten Sie ebenfalls sicherstellen, dass Sie die aktuellste TV-Software installiert haben. If you are using Ubuntu or another distribution that uses Pulseaudio, you should use the Pulseaudio Volume Control program. Though I did it for Ubuntu, I presume these solutions should also work for Linux Mint, elementary OS and other Linux distributions based on Ubuntu. I do believe the dc has the GUI as when i checked the files it had some Ubuntu images for the background. Kürzlich hatte ich auch ein Thinkpad T410 in den Händen, welches wie das HP einen DisplayPort verbaut hat. I'm having a precision 7530 with i7-8850H and NVIDIA Quadro P2000 and using ubuntu 18.04. Add Missing Display Resolution in Ubuntu To add a missing or custom display resolution, you need to calculate the VESA Coordinated Video Timing ( … Now I connect my Ubuntu laptop to home TV using a HDMI cable for temporary use. 1 Product Video; 2 Product pictures; 3 Product description; 4 Product Parameters; 5 Hardware Description; 6 How to use with Raspbian/Ubuntu Mate/Win10 IoT Core System. 7inch HDMI Display-B.

Click on Arandr. You will have to ensure that you have started it after plugging in another display, otherwise it will not be able to detect the new display. 语言选择(Other languages): 中文: English: Contents. So here’s the quick tutorial show you how. Ubuntu erkennt ihn oft schon selbst. HDMI video was the easy part. First impressions count, and making sure your users can see and interact with your product in a seamless way, means selecting the right smart display technology. To use it, you will have to got to Lubuntu Menu, then go to Preferences. Unter Ubuntu konnte ich jedoch einfach den "Digital Stereo (HDMI) Output" auswählen und schon erklang aus dem Fernseher der Ton. Unter Windows wurde die Soundausgabe via DisplayPort nur treiber-seitig nicht implementiert.

Activating Another Display. Unfortunately, various Linux audio systems view an HDMI audio output in different ways.

To my surprise, there was no sound through HDMI in TV.The movie was displayed in the TV but the audio was still coming through laptop’s inbuilt speakers. The other day, I connected my Acer Aspire R13 running Ubuntu 15.04 with my Samsung TV to watch a movie.
Is there a way to display the terminal or start the GUI other than startx which I cannot see the output of. Medical imaging to smart displays: There’s […] It is possible to add a missing or custom display resolution e.g 1680 x 1000 to Displays panel, for a specific display device (DP-1), as explained below. Wir zeigen Ihnen in diesem Praxistipp, wie Sie dazu vorgehen müssen. I saw a number of forum posts with trouble on the audio problem in extended monitor in Ubuntu. Now after some time the external montior connected over displayport (displayport to hdmi cable, where the displayport goes into the laptop and the hdmi cable into the monitor) stopped working. To use it: The latest software for Ubuntu can be downloaded from the DisplayLink website. Audio Setup. This will download a .zip file which also includes Release Notes. Read on to find out what hardware features are needed to make a reliable smart display, and why smart displays run Ubuntu Core.